There’s no place like home…

Ain’t that the truth? And sometimes you don’t really even appreciate it until you leave your home and then come back.

For example, the last like week at least, I’ve had a sore throat. Literally, as soon as I got back, I wasn’t feeling the sore throat anymore. Well, not as badly. I just swallowed and I feel it a bit. But, not like it was!

Is it because subconsciously, my body is happy to be home?! I mean, the climate and the cleanliness are awesome here.

It was like a shift coming home.

It also feels weird to be home. Like, I haven’t been here in 6 months!! I almost feel a bit of a culture shock, in a way. It’s hard to explain.

But, I do love my city. I’m glad to be back. Day 1 has been great.

I had a friend pick me up from the airport and then we hung out. She was questioning me about all of the drama with the group that I’m a part of (and that she use to be a part of). I told her my perspective and we chatted about it.

I honestly think it’s nice to be away from that for a bit too. Because it has been quite stressful too. I don’t think I’ve really realized it.

There is also something about living away from home. Where I currently live is quite polluted, lots of cars and people and my living space is not mine really.

I think these things all add up. And while I don’t actually have a “home” of my own anymore, I feel like my time with my family is “home”.

This is going to be a wonderful 9 days. xo



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