Commit to it and the Universe will come together with you…

Or as in “Field of Dreams”, that quote to the effect of “Build it and they will come”.

Seriously though. It never ceases to amaze me how when you really commit to something and you’re open to it, then all of a sudden, from different places, many times unexpected places, things start “coming together” to help support in this decision!!!!!

Like, right now, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in my life. About what I’ll do starting January 2018. And a part of it is having a partner to share my life and grow with. Also, to find what I’m passionate about and really commit to it…create a job related to it that I will work hard doing and also enjoy! And also make good money doing!

Now, I’m in the stage of emerging property in all senses (brainstorming, discovering, opening up)…and then people, who don’t necessarily know what’s going on with me, are posting videos and tagging me in them on Facebook. I have a wonderful person reply to my last blog (and in the over 250 blogs that I’ve written, I’ve only ever had 1 comment to a blog, until yesterday!) Their words really resonated with where I’m at.

I met a wonderful man, through a woman who I barely know, but who thought it might be nice to introduce us. And he had such great advice for me last night and is so supportive and loving.

And, I can’t help but think, Is this real? The part of me that is scared to feel vulnerable in embarking on this new path, on various levels, is also cynical. Thinking, could this actually be true? Could someone really be into me? Even though I’m not at a certain point in my life. Even though I have all of these weaknesses.

It feels like it can’t be possible. But, I’m trying to be open…notice these fears come up and breathe, and be honest. And keep on keepin’ on, as they said in my mom’s yearbooks. I think. Or was it all, HAGS (Have a good summer). Hm…

Thank you, All. Thank you for your support. I am ready to move forward! “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. xo



One thought on “Commit to it and the Universe will come together with you…

  1. The only comment I can recall from my mom’s yearbooks was,
    “As I slide down the bannister of life, I will always remember you as a splinter!” Lol


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