Love? Love! LOVE. Love…

I know it’s often asked, What is love? What IS love? What is LOVE? WHAT is love? And it can mean so many different things to so many people, but for me: Love is caring for people, no matter the circumstances. Feeling compassion and a kindness. Helping others to be their full selves, with no need to hide who they are.

And what is love in a relationship? Is it different? For me, it feels like you can love the same in a friendship or in a “relationship”. The main difference being that in a relationship, there is also sex. And if it’s good, sex is very powerful and connected to love. I believe, for both men and women, it can be one of the most vulnerable ways to connect.

How long does it take to create love? I just spent 2 days with a man and I feel like, I love him already. I care about him. “In love”? Well, who knows what that means really. I think that when we feel “in love” it’s because the person is saying nice things, they’re giving attention. Sometimes it might be called that to categorize a sexual relationship. To express how much stronger it is to be “in love” than to just “love”.

It’s an interesting thing. Having left to go home today, I feel like a loss almost. It’s weird. Because if you look at the logics of it, I barely know him. But, I feel like I am going to miss him. It’s like a little mourning leaving him.

What does our future hold? I have no idea. Part of me felt like that’s going to be it, because our lives are so separate. Also, because you always hear about how the more time men spend with women, the less interested they are. And the more time a woman spends with a man, the more interested she is. C’mon Nature!!!! That’s a bit effed.

I firmly believe that while there may be biological, cave man days base, it is up to each individual to supersede that and really work to connect.

I believe it can be pretty hard to be in a relationship!!! I mean, you’ve got to work to stay with the same person and for such a long time. And to make it really good, and not get complacent. Work.

In this moment, I feel hopeful. I feel hopeful that I’ve finally, after almost 10 years of being single and not managing to attract men that are interested in commitment, with me. Now, I don’t know where he stands exactly, but what I DO know is that were it magically to work, there would be quite a bit of work put in. I believe that I’m ready for that…even if it’s the scary unknown. Because, #love. xo



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