It’s dry in here…

Yes. I’m talking about sex.
I know that as we get older, our vaginas apparently dry up. Which SUCKS.
I mean, there are options: lube, of course. But lube isn’t always handy.
I feel like we expect ourselves, as women, to be lubed & ready. I know when it happens to me nowadays (warning: I’m guessing it’s because I rarely have sex and so my body is saying, What? What do you want to do? Why it was way back in 1929 the last time…;), then I feel BAD. I feel bad that I’m not all wet & ready. I feel like I’m unattractive or there’s a problem with me. I mean, where does that come from?
I’m sure there are some ways to help ourselves too. Some type of…errr…stimulation.
Our bodies are so cool. All of these functions.
Bottom line: don’t do it if you’re not ready to do it. Don’t obligate yourself.
It ends up in friction. And it doesn’t feel good. 😲xo



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