You know what? The human body and how people study it is fascinating…

Today I went to the lab and had pretty much EVERYTHING checked. Aside from some vitamin levels (I was just thinking that my B vitamins, specifically B12 wasn’t checked).

And, you know, it’s pretty cool how scientists have figured out how to measure all of these different hormones etc in the body. SO COOL. If you think about it, how much work and how many years did it take for people to figure out what was what, name it and then study it long enough to figure out a general range to measure men and women by. I am so impressed.

I was worried that, because my sugar consumption was quite a lot, I was pre-diabetic or <gasp> diabetic. I am so, so, so, so grateful to report that I am not.

However, there were some irregularities in some of my hormones. One in particular, my prolactin levels are high. So…that’ll be good to check out in order to figure out what’s up with my body.

My friend, who is a nutritionist, said that she thinks I’m dehydrated. To drink more pure juices (and not combos), as well as antioxidants (berries; green tea-the REAL stuff, not Starbucks; white teas; citruses-hellooooo Pineapple!) AND…to have a sugar-free diet. <sigh>

I think that’s a general good life advice. Sugar has been proven to be toxic to the body, especially when refined. Our bodies weren’t made to break down that type of sugar. And not a lot of it!

Most of the things that I have, I googled to try to get a general idea of what they are. And SO many of them say, This may be due to STRESS.


I think they’re right though. I have been feeling especially stressed out for the last few months. So, it makes sense. Also, EXERCISE is so important.

The body. It is so amazing and complex and the delicate balance we have in our bodies is awe-inspiring. So many parts of Nature…the things that we don’t know how exactly they came to be that way, but they just Are.

Our bodies are spectacular machines. Let’s respect ourselves and our bodies. They are truly magnificent! xo



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