Are we afraid to see the reality in front of us…

Or can we even trust that what we see IS reality?!

I think that’s the trickier part of the question. Is what we are experiencing actually reality?

I remember one time, my best friend since I was about 10, lived near me with her boyfriend. But we barely saw each other. It was always me calling her and putting out the effort until finally I got to a point where I thought, Does she even want to be my friend anymore?!

So, she was over for dinner one night and I confronted her about it: do you even want to be my friend anymore? I feel like I’m always the one putting out the effort and you rarely do, etc etc.

She looked at me shocked and said, Of course I want to be your friend still!!! She couldn’t even fathom how I’d come to think that.

But, that’s how it happened…what felt like the Truth to me and how I was seeing the situation wasn’t necessarily how she was seeing the situation.

Now I’m aware in most situations when I have a point of view about something, I try to think about different points of view than mine; different possibilities about what may be happening.

It doesn’t always help to make a clear decision, but at least I’m attempting to try on different perspectives.

Reality check: babies are crying. Paused in the middle of this to see how I could help. I’d been hearing the crying for a while, but since there are already 2 women there, I thought, It’s fine. But then I got a gut feeling: GO! Go over there. And I’m glad that I did. One of the babies has a temperature (likely a combo of the vaccinations they just had and molars growing in). And he was screaming and woke up his brother. Poor guys. One of the things about being twins: a) they share a bedroom so when one is screaming, the other usually wakes up, b) they get scared when the other one is upset. So, that ends up being chicken/egg waking up and getting upset etc etc etc. And they are sick so often.

I think that facing reality and making choices from a place of having all of the facts is the most ideal. Currently, I don’t have all the facts (and I don’t know if I ever will), but I am remaining open-minded. xo



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