Aging and all of its downsides…

Ah, aging. It’s funny to think about it sometimes…when I was in my early 20s, I don’t think I really thought about it. I ate what I wanted. I did what I wanted (mostly). And I didn’t have the same challenges that I do now…not in the same way.

Now, I find that with aging…there’s the obvious challenges of health: physically, emotionally and mentally.

Physically, my body is not able to do the same things it could before. It doesn’t bounce back like it use to.

And I’m finding that my memory…ugh…my brain feels cloudy. And I’m not sure what is what.

Even while writing this right now, my brain feels even cloudier than it has been in awhile. It’s disconcerting.

Another thing about aging is the “fun” in life doesn’t seem quite the same fun as it use to. People tend to get more serious, I find. They settle. Also, getting wasted is not as fun as it use to seem. I’m at a point in my life that while I enjoy the occasional buzz, that is not my focus. I don’t need it.

And…totally forgot what I was going to write.

I think I will go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow, a bright, fresh new day! xo



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