What about love…and body discomfort…

My themes of today (which started last night): feeling really weird and off in my body (dizzy, stomach hurting, spacy, exhausted) and also, having a 2 hour phone conversation with someone that I met a WEEK ago.

Both are such different feelings that I’m not use to.

For the body part…I feel like, aging sort of creeps up on us. I use to be able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and I was fine, more or less. But, last night and today, I’m starting to see that if I want to have energy and feel good in my body, then I’m going to have to develop some discipline to keep my body (and thereby me) healthy.

It’s daunting because that is not an area in my life where I’ve developed much consistency. But, I understand that it’s important. My addiction to sugar and my inconsistency in what I eat and when, coupled with rarely exercising…I looked at the symptoms of diabetes (one of my fear) online and…I have quite a few symptoms. So, here’s the choice point. I can either ignore it and continue on this downward health spiral. Or I can step up, make some changes, even if they’re uncomfortable, and enjoy my life!!!!

And the cool thing is, this guy that I’ve been in contact with for the last week has so many similar values. I thought that when I told him that I hadn’t been feeling well and that I’m worried it’s this or this, that he would be like Ew. Or that I’m defective or something. But, instead, he was interested. He wants to help and was talking about how there’s a documentary on Netflix that would be good for me to watch (Fed Up), which I’ve heard about. And that is so…lovely.

And having a conversation (albeit a LONG one) is so different for me…like, so what if it’s long? It was great to have that connection with him and to meet a man, frankly, that is even willing to chat for that long. So many men that I know are not great at communicating and in fact, do not enjoy it. The men that I seem to have a deeper connection to, have that trait. It’s refreshing.

So, who knows what the future holds, but what I do know is that, being open, honest and consistent are such wonderful traits toward having a richer life. That’s the road that I’m on.

He got me to go onto this website re: free horoscopes. And one part of it is where you match and see the results and while I didn’t read the whole thing, this is the part that I loved the best:

“What you can have in this relationship, if you learn to let matters be, is a tremendously significant encounter that will revolutionize your lives and put you on a whole new path.” Boom.

Awesome. I’m ready! xo



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