Roller coaster ride…

Do you ever have that in your life? Where it feels like a roller coaster? Upppppppppp and downnnnnnnnnnn. Upppppppp and downnnnnn.

Overall, I know that I’m fine. But, these ups and downs have been quite the ride. And not in the exhilarating way of roller coasters.

There was a quote somewhere (and aren’t there so many inspirational quotes, but they’re great for a reason), and it said something to the effect of, When we go through crappy times, it’s also great because you grow and learn along the way.

That’s so true! This whole process has been confusing and weird and questioning who I trust. But…I feel like I’m building a more solid foundation.

And it doesn’t hurt that a man is interested in me and putting out quite a bit of effort to get to know me. It’s been a very long time since that has happened. It’s very nice. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Aka, who knows if it will last or not. Time will tell. Mamma, don’t be getting excited about grandkids. 😉 Or more precisely would be, Nonna…don’t go getting excited about great-grandkids…it’s been one date. Hahaha.

Even though it’s uncomfortable, things that happen that encourage us to question things in our life…they’re actually blessings. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Lots to think and feel about.

“If you’ve been through a lot, always remember…from manure, the best flowers grow. Make something beautiful out of everything.”-Doe Zantamata




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