When it is time to let go…

I have a friend that has built this company. He is very invested in its success, of course. It has 11 different levels. A few people I know took the first 3 levels, and then decided not to continue. So, they left the group that we are all in for those who took the first 3.

And this friend, re-added them. He says he asked them first. And I said, Why did you re-add them? He said because he’s so much blood and sweat into his company, that he’s not willing to let anybody go. And I understand, in a way, he’s fighting for his business to stay afloat. And people often change their minds, so maybe if they stay in the group, they’ll change their minds and want to continue.

But, I also feel like…sometimes ya gotta let go. Let people choose to not be a part of it. It’s a tricky balance though. I mean, this same person was pursuing me for a year to take the first 3 levels. And then I finally did. So…I guess it DOES pay off.

But, in general, when do we know it’s time to let go. Letting go, meaning…move forward. Leave that particular thing in the past.

I think that many of us (I know I do for sure) hold on to things for so much longer than was needed. And when we hold on to things, we don’t leave space for something new to come into our lives.

I know I’ve struggled with that re: my ex-boyfriend. Re: having a friendship with my ex-boyfriend. And we kept it up for about the first 3 years after breaking up. But then, when he got a new girlfriend, I noticed that we barely spoke. Although, I did see him (and her), when they were in town, I was invited. Or they had a thing at their place, and I was invited. Or when we were all in NYC, we met up for like an hour. I still care about him as a person, but now I’m realizing that…it’s time to let go. I will always care for him, in fact, but we are not in each other’s lives anymore. So, time to let go. Let go of being a part of his life and focus on living my life. He has created an amazing life for himself. Time for me to get on mine! (Weird side note: I had a dream about his brother last night…not in a weird way, but when I woke up, I thought it was weird that I dreamt about him at all).

Another area of letting go is with THINGS. I haven’t read it yet, but I heard about Marie Kondo’s method about getting rid of things, and it relates to checking in with each item and seeing, Do I feel a spark? If yes, keep it. If no, see ya! And within that process, noting if we have anything like thoughts of, But maybe I’ll use it one day…etc. I think many, many, many of us hold on to things that we really don’t need. And I know, for myself, once I finally let go of it, I was so happy.

Now, currently, for a plethora of reasons, I’m pondering about my job. Part of me wants to move on and see what else I can create for myself, and the other part of me wants to stick it out. At least until the end of when I’ve committed to.

That also goes for this personal growth program that I’m a part of. I feel like…if I were to leave this job and the program and be with myself and go forward on my own…that would be so scary. And lonely. But…perhaps for the best? I’ve yet to decide on that one. I mean, I will do it eventually…whether it be NOW, or at the end of the year.

So, I think it’s great to evaluate the pros and cons of any thing and decide, Is it time for me to let go of this? Am I staying/holding on because of some fear, or do I genuinely see the value in it?

Lots to think about. xo


PS And yes…yessss…even though I haven’t seen the movie yet (I know, Crazy, right?!), I always think of the song from “Frozen” when I say the words “Let it go”. 😉 xo


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