More and more, I realize just how important critical thinking is. I was reading some articles about someone and it’s on a conspiracy site, so it reads like a gossip page.

And some of the things that were said were just so out there, especially since I know the actual context of some things. It never ceases to amaze me just how much people can distort the truth.

Even in small ways. I have friends that have gained some fame on reality television. And when I’ve read some of their interviews, some of their answers are totally lies. It’s not about big things, but they’re still lies. I find it so sad. Why do we need to lie so much in the world? How do we know what the Truth is?

I don’t think we can ever know. Each one of us has our own point of view and perceptions. They say, if there’s a car accident, two people can have observed the exact same accident, and have completely different descriptions. One person could have been focused on the car, its color, and the people in it. Another might have noticed the speed it was going or the wheels. It really depends what catches our eye.

Critical thinking to me is when I hear about something, and I check with the data I currently have to see if that seems plausible. Then I keep searching for more. Does this add up? Does that make sense?

I find in these political times, that it’s hard to know what is true or not, especially with my little knowledge around politics.

Critical thinking is good to do EVERYWHERE though. Whether it’s with your parents or someone that you trust, or your teachers in school, or the leaders of your country. Always be questioning. Make sure you evaluate for yourself instead of letting other people tell you how it is. Because that is their perception.

I remember hearing about how in some states in the U.S.A., students are taught that the US won the Vietnam war. What? Most sources that I’ve seen say that is completely not true.

That’s how it goes though! Different countries teach different things and the people believe it. It’s scary.

I think that the more we are in touch with ourselves and our morality, the more we question and see, Does that sound true? Do some research. The better our world will be, with us human beings striving for awareness and knowledge.

I know, for myself, that is something that I’m working on more and more. Because it’s easy to see what we want to see, but take a step back. Look at the big picture. If someone is speaking badly about someone else, take a look at the person who is speaking badly as well as who they may be talking about. The person speaking badly may have another agenda for speaking badly.

I know politicians apparently do it all of the time. It’s a distraction technique. And it’s sad.

How cool would the world be if we all took responsibility for ourselves and our own actions? I think it would be a pretty cool world indeed. xo



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