Trust your gut, she said…

What does that mean? Trust your gut.

Someone recently said that to me, and I thought…my gut isn’t particularly reliable sometimes.

My gut right now is feeling like, Something is off. Something isn’t quite right, but I am not exactly sure what. And, because I prefer to avoid conflict and unsure-ness, I feel like leaving the challenging situation.

But is that the best way to do things? Leave when it feels stressful for hard? And when is the time to make that decision? Or do we hang in there forever?

Then my brain asks logically, What is the actual problem here? Is there one? Just because others are having a problem, does that mean that I have a problem? Or is it more that it’s worrying me that others have a problem?

I know some people who meditate to help themselves figure things out. Or they journal. Or they blog 😉

I feel like our “gut” isn’t always reliable, especially as a woman. We have our emotions that can affect our ability to see a situation clearly.

That’s why, in my particular situation, I’m focusing on being as open as possible to my perception and reactions to things and evaluating.

Looking to be as solid and grounded as possible throughout the evaluation process. Noticing how I feel. And making a choice from that place, vs the “gut” feeling of discomfort and wanting to run away.

It’s a daily challenging process, I find. Keep on, keepin’ on. xo



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