Women are like teabags. You don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water…

This is attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. She has some amazing quotes.

I was speaking with a friend tonight about the situation that we’re both being affected by and thinking about where we stand and how we feel. And she mentioned this quote.

I think it’s so true…one thing she said, and I also have noticed, is that…within this dynamic of what’s going on, we have a group of people, but specifically women. And they are reacting in a variety of ways. One thing that we noticed was that, some of the women we expected to react a certain way (like perhaps I perceived them to be a mature, wise and grounded person), but are actually acting a completely different way (child-like, reactive, vindictive). And then there are other women who I perceive to be dramatic, emotional and non-rational, and they’re the ones who are actually more solid, stable, critical thinkers!

So, it really does go to show that a difficult situation can really show people’s true colors. And as per this quote, show how some people can be really strong.

It’s been interesting because with this group of people, I consider many to be friends. What does that mean? As per another post where I wrote, that definition really depends. But, with this group of people, it has been interesting to see their “different colours” come out, in these times of stress. Parts of them that I’ve never seen before and now surprised to see.

And also to see myself. How I’m handling it. Varying from fear to curiosity, to grounded and connected to myself. It has been a whole growthful experience for me. And while it’s very uncomfortable and a bit scary, I think that I will come through this a better person, that knows themself better.

Sometime we need to “put ourselves in hot water” to see what we are really made of. xo




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