What IS Truth…

I feel like that is such a good question. If I think about it, I think that Truth is the closest thing to honesty for me. Like, my truth may be different from your truth. THE Truth…can there even be THE truth? Perhaps if it’s based on facts (like in science…facts that can be proved and consistent). A mutually shared Truth.

But, we humans are such fluctuating beings. Our truth changes all of the time, especially for us women. Depending on how we feel.

In the current situation that I’m involved in, it is hard. Hard to know what’s accurate or what’s being embellished. If there is truly something bad going on, or if it’s people’s interpretations of things, out of context.

I believe that fear is a very powerful motivator and inhibitor. And I want to be more Switzerland in this…taking a step back and looking at what I see, vs following the crowd and being a lemming.

The side that is making covert accusations is not being up front with what exactly the problem is. What I’m hearing is women who made bad choices. And now are regretting them and wanting to blame everybody else for it. And I find that happens often. Many of us don’t take responsibility for our decisions and then we want to blame everyone else for the decision that we’ve made.

I feel sad for losing people who I thought were friends. For losing a community of people that I’ve been a part of for over 8 years. Through the good and the bad, we’ve managed to stick together.

And now, it seems like there’s been a break. And people following other people blindly, like lemmings. What a loss.

I guess feeling the pain and moving forward is the next step. And being as honest with myself as possible. That’s the most important part. Be honest with ourselves, to the best of our abilities. Acknowledge where we may not want to see the truth. Acknowledge where people may be distorting the truth to fit their own stories. Very, very sad the destruction that some people create in order to get revenge. And they don’t care who they bring along with them.

Truth. They say, The truth shall set you free. I hope so! xo



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