How to let go of things and bring yourself joy…

Stuff. I feel like I may have even written about this before, but here we are again.


I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, clothing. I just love it. When I go shopping sometimes, I get a little moment of glee when I find a piece of clothing that I’m looking forward to wearing. The thing is, that joy wears off pretty quickly, and then I’m left with piles and piles of clothing.

Reading a summary of Marie Kondo’s de-cluttering method, it really makes sense. If we only keep the things in our space that give us the most joy, imagine how it would feel!

Just now, I packed a suitcase of clothing that I’m taking with me back home in just under a month. I went through all of my things and took out a few items that I will pass on to the girls in the kitchen (see if they like it or if they know someone who would like it). And it’s already at 42lbs!!! (limit for most coach seats is 50lbs). So, I’m now thinking…do I bring another suitcase home, and then return with another one? Or…

Anyway. A few years ago…well…like…oh wow…4 years ago? Maybe it’s like 3.5 years ago? I think it’s been 3 years. I moved out of a place that I’d been living in for 7 years. That is a very long time for me. In my entire life before that, the longest I’d lived in one house was 2.5 years (and for my mom reading this, remember which house that was?)

You can IMAGINE just how much STUFF I had. Oh my Gad. So much. SO MUCH. We had a large storage area too, so not only was that full, but most of the things in the house were mine. So, I had garage sales. I donated. I put things on my front lawn for FREE and when there was a local festival a block away, many people were around and took quite a few things.

But, it was crazy just how much STUFF I had. Things that I thought I’d need. Thought I’d use at some point. An example being, when I was 12 (yes, TWELVE), my aunt gave me this wooly type sweater from Sears. I kept it for years, but never wore it. I left it at my grandparents house. Then, at some point, I started wearing it. And I loved it! It was so warm and cozy, and it was often my go-to at home. So, then in my mind, I figured…that’ll happen again! How about if I need this thing at some point? Or that thing??? It doesn’t help that it’s a bit genetic…my grandma keeps things for a long time, and my mom has gotten rid of a bunch of things, but still has a storage cupboard that has some stuff that’s probably not needed.

After moving out of that place, it really did help though. I went through EVERYTHING. I got rid of so many books…CDs…VHS tapes…DVDs…clothes…STUFF. And the nice thing, nowadays, with digital, is that all of those things (except clothes) can fit on a computer!!! And a backup hard drive. Remember that part! Technology is pretty awesome in some ways.

The toughest one for me would be Pictures. I am sentimental and the thought of throwing out ANY old pictures is like a strong NO. NO WAY!!!!! Besides, I plan to write a book about my life at some point, so I need the pictures.

But everything else…when I go back and I move my things from my grandparents place, I’m going to go through everything again. To really make sure that I want those things.

I like the idea of simplicity. What gets in the way is a few things: Sentimentality. Feeling like the thing makes me happy. Fear of letting go.

On a random side note, recently I had a friend ask me to delete the texts she’d sent to me because there were some private things that she wanted to share, but then deleted. And I hesitated. Because I’m sentimental. We had all of that texting history. All of the pictures etc. But then I thought, Let it go. That was in the past. You enjoyed it in the moment and now the moment has past.

I think that’s the tricky part about pictures. I get sucked back in to days of yore. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but it’s more like…that’s already past. Stay in the present moment.

What clothes do I like right now? What books do I like? Keep it simple. In things. In life. xo



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