Nothing a delicious pizza and a carajillo won’t cure…

It’s funny how the day can be seemingly going really badly and then it can shift. I know, logically, that we choose to shift it, but sometimes…I feel like crawling into my bed and sleeping for hours (that’s what I did yesterday evening).

This morning was challenging with the babycitos. Never having had children myself (yet), there are things about child raising that I had never experienced. Consistently anyway. And today felt like…AHHHHH. I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents that are on their own with the children. Then again, I’m guessing they let the kids do their thing a bit more. We have a whole squad of people, but we also have to be actively engaging with the babies at all times. At least I do.

They’re sick right now (AGAIN) with a throat and ear infection. And cranky. And refusing to nap. And being verrrrry picky eaters. And pitching temper tantrums at the littlest of things. It’s exhausting. I was with them for 4 hours longer than I normally am because they stayed home from school (tomorrow as well, and then 2 twelve hour days…sigh).

I have so much appreciation for parents. Staying up with sick babies all night. Then making all of their food all day. Having to stay with them when they refuse to nap. Keep them entertained (to varying degrees). It’s a LOT of work. I mean, I feel exhausted and I’m not even the main caregiver. The ladies are…early to mid 20s…they were thrown into the roles…usually they clean the house. But now they not only clean the house, they’re also raising the babies. And they have so much patience doing it. I find myself losing patience often enough with the tantrums. SOOOO many tantrums. I mean, they’re not supported in the tantrums, but they’re also not discouraged either. So, I understand why they do it. As soon as they cry about anything, everybody is giving them hugs, picking them up, distracting them, wanting to make them feel better…sometimes you gotta let a kid cry. Not indulge it because guess what? They learn that’s how they get attention and they keep doing it. One of the babies especially milks it hard core.

I was just thinking…for people who say, Oooh I want to be a teacher. What a wonderful job! I always say, go and volunteer in a classroom. Get some actual experience so it’s not this fantasy idea of what it’s like to be a teacher. What I’m doing now is like the parent version of it. Sort of. I mean, I’m getting a taste of what it’s like to have kids. Even though I don’t have nearly as much responsibility (or any choice in how they’re raised).

So…this evening I took myself out for a delicious pizza and a carajillo drink (cheers to a friend who introduced me to them…it’s his birthday today!) And now, I’m going to treat myself to a bit of reading before I go to sleep.

Much like for parents, it’s important to take care of ourselves so that we may be better able to take care of the little ‘uns! 🙂 xo



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