Trust your gut…

But can you? Can I? Especially as a woman, I wonder. Because…what my gut says right now is that something is not quite right, but I am not sure exactly what.

The thing is, if everything were totally fine, then why are there so many people who are fearful and worried?

I know that we as humans have so many different filters for how we see things and since we are over 7 billion people on Earth right now…that’s a lot of filters.

I want to believe that people are essentially good. I know that we all have our challenges with being self-serving and being distracted by material things, to varying degrees. But, I’d like to believe that at the heart of it, people are good and care about other people generally.

And for the people that I know…since Love, Compassion, Building and Growing Humanity etc are all core tenets of the philosophy that they’re espousing, I genuinely hope that is their intention and main focus.

Because when I think about it, if this is the one life that we have to live, and since we never know how long each of our lives will be, then why…why would I want to spend my time focusing on these superficial things?

My number one goal in life is Connection. That’s what I love the most. I want to support my fellow humans in building humanity too…that’s why I was attracted to this program in the first place.

To all that is good in the world, I hope that all of this strife and fear is sorted and that we may return to kindness and love.

Also, breathe. xo



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