Wistful and weary…

I just finished the book I was reading. It was quite good. A bit sad. And when I hear about or read things set in the past, especially if it’s before I was born, I feel…nostalgic or something. And curious. It’s fascinating to read about what it was like “back in the olden days”.

And…it was a long day. Sometimes I…mostly…I find it exhausting. 12 hours is a long time to be “on” with kids. I love the kiddles a lot, but…it’s tiring. I was looking forward to the end of my day to rest and also finish the book.

There’s a big storm going on and I can hear the thunder crashing mightily. I could hear one of the kiddles crying, so I think it’s a bit too mighty right now since it’s waking them up too. Nature is amazing to witness. This kind of weather inspires me to curl up in my bed.

I can’t wait until I have one or two days to do just that. Curl up in my bed and stay there for most of the day, if I want. I don’t want that ALL the time. Just a few days.

So, tonight’s post is a bit “fluffy” (aka not very in-depth). But right now, I’m going to snuggle up with my computer, drink my “calm chamomile” tea and then get ready for bed.

I’m on the lookout for the next awesome book to read! xo



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