The internet is a stalker…

I looked at a couple of things about the Kardashians like TWICE, and now…Pinterest…Facebook…Instagram are all, “Pages we recommend for you”. <sigh>

Also, today Facebook said, “We noticed you Unfriended a few people. When you unfriend a person they no longer can see your posts and you can’t see theirs.” Uh, ya…”thanks” Facebook. Like I didn’t know that. 😛

But, seriously…isn’t it a bit creepy how much of our personal information certain programs collect? Is anything private anymore?

I mean…you can find out quite a bit…

Even for simple things…there was this woman that I am acquaintances with…someone posted a picture of a woman that looks strikingly like her. So, I did a little research on Instagram to see if there were pictures that matched her…and I’m pretty sure its her sister.

Sometimes we can actually find out quite a lot. It’s almost scary. Nevermind privacy things…in terms of accessing accounts etc. They usually ask security questions, but often it’s questions that if you know someone fairly well, then you can get it. I did it with my sister the other day (don’t worry, she knows) and only one question almost tripped me up. But it still worked.

And then I read about certain governments wanting to have even more access to our information, for the sake of “national security”. Sometimes I think that phrase is thrown around a bit much. Like it’s used to justify monitoring and essentially stalking people and invading their privacy.

The fact that some people who were trying to enter a certain country were detained because a) they were forced to allow border security to look through their phones and computers, and b) and the guards found pictures making fun of their “president” and the people were detained…that is ridiculous and reminiscent of a 1984 state of living. 😦

A friend once told me, there’s always the flowers to the manure in every situation. While something might seem quite negative (being stalked by your own government), there’s also the flowers part (the amazing use of technology). In order to have the flowers, one usually has to have the manure to grow the flowers.

Anyway, I’m going to go and watch a bit of Netflix before bed…let’s see what they Recommend for Me today. 😛 xo



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