And it goes around and around and around…

I can’t seem to break my bad habits.

I think it starts…like tonight (well, the last few days) with working long days. Then, at the end of the day, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING at all. I feel like lazing around. Then, I putter on Facebook/Instagram etc and end up getting to sleep way later. So, it seems like it’s a vicious circle.

Tonight, my vice is looking for a Levi’s white jean jacket. I’d like a jean jacket in general, but tonight…it’s so funny. They say that women can multi-task, but perhaps not. As I was just typing that, I was trying to think about something at the same time and what I wrote was not making sense. 😛 I meant to say, I’d like a white jean jacket in general, but Levi’s seems to have one that looks good. Then it set me off into looking at these Levi’s jeans…the 300 series…specifically the 311 Shaping Skinny. I already have a pair in white and in black and I love them. They fit so well!!!

I was going to order them online, because there’s a sale, but it seems there’s only a sale in the U.S. and since I’m not there, I was trying to figure out how to get it to me…

Tomorrow I think I shall go to the mall and see what I can find. If nothing, perhaps then I’ll order online.

But, the POINT being…I’m back at it. I did this wonderful course and feel like I learned some things, but then right after the course, I’m staying up late, having a hard time getting up in the mornings, slacking on showers and all-around being unproductive (and planning things like going to the mall for the afternoon).


How do we break these habits that we have? I know that in my mind, I want to change. But, it seems like my comfort part of me wants to avoid all of the things that I should get done and wants to run off.

It’s starting to do the Hard Thing. That’s what it is. And following through on it. Because I have these ideas to change, but when it comes down to it, I don’t choose it. I seem to take the easy route.

Do I want to live a life like that? I feel like I don’t, but here I am doing it.

Something to think about. Time to get ready for bed! xo



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