Part 3, Day 8: This is the end…my only friend, the end…

But…contrary to my limiting belief…I do have more than one friend.

This course was great. It had it’s challenges, but overall, I am totally glad to have been a part of it. I met & connected with more people this time, which was great.

Quite a few things came out of it for me to work on, but the most prominent is this way of perceiving situations and then making up stories about it.

Fortunately, I spoke to the 2 women who I was unsure about and it ended up being great! If they’re being honest, then what I had imagined in my head was going on for them and how they feel about me, was actually not accurate!!!

How many, mannnyyy times has this happened?!

I look forward to working on strengthening my self-confidence and generally being happier in my life. I’ll illuminate the initial pathway to that…tomorrow.

Now…it’s time to SLEEP! 2am! Up in 5.5 hours. Zzzzzz. xo



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