Part 3, Day 7: So many doubts holding me back…

Well, I’m holding myself back.

The running theme for me in this course is related to self-confidence, finding the positive in myself and working through the huge pile of negative view I have of myself, working on opening myself up to people and letting go if they’re not interested in relating back and overall working on ME. Helping myself be a happy person, essentially.

Today was another loooong day, so this is short.

But…I have my work cut out for me. What a trip! The whole thing of working on my self-esteem and how I feel about myself. Working through a whole life, so far, of feeling shitty about myself.

I want to change that

I think it’s so important to value ourselves. To be grateful for who we are and to keep moving forward from there.

So, tomorrow…one more day.

May I have the courage to challenge myself to really love myself. To relate to people, being warm and kind, regardless of if they respond back like that.

What would be so bad about approaching and talking to people (especially guys) that I haven’t really that much? Like, how about having a conversation with Her? Ask about how her business is going…etc.

What a wonderful, rich life I might be living if I were to let go of the judgement and negative feelings about myself!!!! xo



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