Part 3, Day 6: On Tinder, on happn, on POF…

So. It turns out that…as I think I mentioned last night, although I can’t be sure because I’m too tired to go back and check and also too tired to remember…did I mention that I’m tired?

Now…where was I? Ah yes…my cold, cold heart. To be clear, it’s not cold because I don’t care about people…I do care…but I have protected it from being hurt because…

<insert Wayne’s World style dooodle ooo doooodle ooo> to a flashback…

10 years ago (almost), I was broken up with by my boyfriend at the time. I was a bit delusional back then (well, still am now, but less so…) and I thought that I was going to marry him. However, ’twas not to be and we broke up…well, he broke up with me. I felt very, very upset about it. It took me quite a while to even consider dating again, but I did. And it sucked…I tried the apps…e-harmony, Plenty of Fish, Tinder…

The “best” I found was dating this one guy for like 3 months and it was…not great. I had other “interesting” experiences too and decided that it was better to be single than to deal with that crapola. But, alas…I do actually want to have a relationship. Now, I will not be living where I am for too much longer (until the end of the year, at the latest). But I do think that it will be good for me to get out there and find out!!! Start putting myself out there. I am feel daunted and scared by doing that.

Which means, it’s probably a very good idea. So…

I will keep updated on that!

Today didn’t really have any DUDS…but, I did feel…older. There were some women, between like 24 and 32 lying on this blanket, being silly and giggling, and I realized…I am older. I envied the camaraderie that I perceived (and even earlier plunked myself with a few others in that age range), but I realized…that’s not me anymore. Not in the same way. Hm…

2 more days left! xo



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