Part 4, Day 4: My brainnnnnn…

The up and the downside of taking these courses is that we do a LOT of thinking. A LOT. Also, a lot of sitting.

In my daily life, I don’t do much thinking, unfortunately. I also am not doing it for like 15 hours a day (ok, more like 13 hours because we have breakfast, lunch and dinner).

It’s exhausting. My body is like, Please…PLEASE let me sleep! 🙂

So, this’ll be a quickie.

GEMS: Nothing that was super profound today. I mean, there were some interesting things, but nothing that stands out. I didn’t write anything down in my notebook.

BLUBS: Well, I had some reactions about feeling lonely and people not being very friendly, even though there were so many people there. I feel like I’ve lost the ability to connect and make friends.

It’s hard feeling myself change and lose these things…physically, having a belly. My hair falling out SO MUCH. Emotionally, feeling myself be more vulnerable and sensitive. Mentally, not being as sharp.

This aging thing stinks!!!

Tomorrow is a new day. Time to SLEEP! xo


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