Part 3, Day 3: Oh, those poor men…

And those lacking character, manipulative princesses that are women.

That seemed to be a lot of what I heard in the teachings today. I’m noticing in this training (compared to the others before-parts 1 and 2), that ideas that they believe in are repeated quite a bit. Trying to drill in what they believe in.

Now, I realize that is my perspective and what I’m hearing, but seriously…

I understand that us women do have some work to do on ourselves…that we are entitled, that we lack character, that we reject men…but, we are also loving, nurturing, sex-loving people too. I feel like those aspects are skimmed and that the rest of the time is spent on our faults.

So, today was hard for that.


One of the leaders on the women’s side, who I’ve been acquainted with for like 8 years was talking about how women are with food. She said something to the effect of: You know…sometimes I feel really, really hungry. But then I choose not to eat and I surpass my body feeling. Then, when I wake up in the morning, I’m not even hungry for breakfast”. Note: she is currently very slim. I feel like…that’s not super natural.

And when a question was asked about how men could work on learning how to be more expressive, I was going to share about how someone has a group where they send each other sad videos, so they can practice with that. But this same woman jumped in, listing off a bunch more of the trainings that the company offers. Always looking to upsell. And they are not cheap.

GOOD: Today was good in the sense that I enjoyed being able to have open conversations in this safe environment with men and women about topics that we don’t usually talk about: infidelity, sex, betrayal etc.

I’m still thinking. Still trying to process what’s up. I’ve debated talking to my boss straight up about it, but I don’t know if I’d be able to keep grounded. I find that I get flustered around him and forget what my point is…like he definitely has control over the conversation. Part of me wants to lay it right out with him and see what he says. But, I’m scared he’ll just dismiss me and that’s it.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, time to zzzzz. xo



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