Part 3, Day 2

Today was pretty good. It’s funny because my memory can’t seem to pinpoint WHAT exactly was so good about it. Like, it’s a feeling.

GEMS: There was a lot of talk about sex today. About how women and men generally feel about it. And the cool part about this course is it’s all about honesty! As best as we will share. I think it’s so awesome that we have a safe space to talk about stuff that most men don’t talk about. And most women don’t either!

We also looked at the Traits that we look for in a man. Then allll of the lists were amalgamated and they were read out to the group. Very interesttttiiiinnng. Amazing Sex was rated higher for the women than it was for the men.

Although, in retrospect, thinking about it, perhaps for men, “amazing” sex isn’t important compared to so many other things. Sex in of itself may be, but having it be really good with a partner isn’t so important. Interesting!

DUDS: Talking to a friend that’s also taking the course and she’s talking about how awesome her life is with her and her rich friends. It’s funny…because I notice that she only talks to mostly the beautiful or successful women in the group. Not so much to the shyer, more awkward ones. When she was talking about her life, I felt sad. Because my life is essentially the kids. I don’t have much else going on! That’s sad.

Another one is that I was helping with the copies and the person running it was not very organized and did not communicate very well. I missed two of my groups. Although, to be fair, sometimes it’s hard to just sit there for an hour, listening to someone talkiiiiing.

Tomorrow is a new day! xo



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