Bubbles burst…why critical thinking is so important…

Critical thinking. It is so important. When you hear something, don’t automatically just believe it. Check in. Research it. What is true? Does that make sense? Even if nobody else believes it, challenge it. Thoughtfully challenge it.

I find myself in a situation where I’ve been a part of a personal growth course for the last 7.5 years and I don’t feel like I’ve changed much. I think that a lot of that is me and my blocks…my feelings of unworthiness…of feeling lesser than…of thinking that others know better than me.

But, now I’m seeing that part of it could be that the curriculum that I’m taking isn’t necessarily geared toward me bettering myself. Like, I think the intention is there. But another intention is for people to make money. And to keep having people take curriculum, even if they go into major debt doing it.

If I wasn’t so scared to not have this community of people to connect with, then maybe I’d just leave. There are some amazing, kind and caring people. But, as my friend is questioning…if I stay, and I’m paying this money, I’m paying into the leaders who may not have good intent.

T-minus 2 days until I start this course (tomorrow is a long work day) and then super early start on Thursday.

My intention is to go into it with a critical mind. Try on what is being said and see if it feels accurate. And, as my dad challenged me tonight, if I don’t agree with something, challenge it. Not from a reactive, fearful place, but from a thought-out place. Even then, from what I’ve seen, I may be brushed off, but at least I practice asking.

I know in parts 1 and 2, I felt so uncomfortable when these two women kept asking questions. That’s totally something to practice myself. It’s okay if NOBODY agrees with me. If I am upholding myself, that’s what matters the most!!!

My goals: critical thinking; letting go of anybody there liking me (being okay with being alone); working on uplifting myself and others ❤




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