Our health: important and taken for granted…

I’ve been a fairly healthy person for most of my life. My biggest challenge has been a few dietary issues (milk and cream, specifically). Also, zits (but as an adult), which I later found out was more likely rosacea (with a Rudolph nose and everything).

But now…I’m realizing just how much I took my health for granted when I was younger. This last year, I’ve been sick so many times. To give perspective, I’ve probably been sick more times in the last year than I have been in the last 10 years back home. The city I’m in is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world and the air quality is baaaad. That plus being around two toddlers that go to school and are around even more kids…and the toddlers are almost always sick. I don’t have children of my own, so I don’t have a personal base of comparison, but it seems like these kids are always sick…they’ve had a runny nose and a cough for the last 3 months or so (to varying degrees…aka coughing occasionally with a bit of a runny nose, to hacking their lungs out and a constant drip).

Also, the grandma gets sick very often. The grandpa and the dad have been sick on and off. The staff also are sick, except a couple of the women that are younger and work with the kids. Somehow, they very rarely get sick!!!

I also feel like it’s aging. I think then I was younger, my immune system naturally was stronger. I was exercising and I think that I generally ate healthier. Now it’s catching up to me. And it’s scary.

I’ve seriously considered whether it’s a good idea to stay here. My grandma, of course, says that I should come home.

What I’m going to do is work on the parts that I can control: exercise and diet. I take vitamins and supplements, so that is covered. Originally I was told that we wouldn’t be spending so much time here, but as life goes, plans change. Anyway, I was surprised the dad was considering going anywhere else because his support system here is very strong.

But, if I find that in a month or so that I’m still consistently feeling sick, then I may re-evaluate. It’s not worth it, is it? Our health is probably THE most important part of living…

I know a woman who has cancer. And it’s a pretty aggressive form. I think she’s in her early 40s, married with a son (who I think is…8?) She has been sending messages to the people who donated money to her GoFundMe account. And wow, it’s scary. But what an amazing woman she is!!!

I think it’s also scary because we share some similarities…I remember seeing that her face is quite red a lot of the time…my thoughts: she has rosacea like I do! (an inflammation of the skin). Also, she shared that she struggles with negative self-talk etc, which I fully can relate to. And it’s scary to think about getting cancer…and how maybe I’m creating it in myself too.

My best friends’ dad had a girlfriend for years, and when she was about 37 or 38, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Never smoked a day in her life. I believe they spent about a year seeking mainstream and alternative treatments, but…she died. I remember the day that I heard about that. I was substituting in a classroom and fortunately the kids weren’t there with me, when I read the text. I remember feeling so freaked out that it could happen to me too. I didn’t really even know her.  Many, many people get cancer every day, but for some reason this particular time it freaked me out and I worried that when I get to that age, maybe it’ll happen to me.

And here I am, generally healthy (as far as I know), but with challenges with inflammation: my facial skin and my upper arms, with my throat and sinuses (this is more since I’ve been here) and some gut issues (but that may have been adapting to being here). They hypothesize that cancer is from inflammation. Inflammation generally means there is a problem in the body…like when your gums become inflamed in your mouth, or when your finger inflames after being slammed in the door; it’s a natural body response.

So, now is the time for me to make a choice: do I continue doing what I’m doing and be in the comfortable way that I’m doing things, OR do I step it up and start taking care of myself? We don’t know enough about cancer to make any guarantees that will change anything, but isn’t it better to try?

Let’s love ourselves! I’ve got to start with me! First step: go and make some chamomile tea for this throat! xo



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