Movin’ on…errr…down…

Do you ever have moments where you are doing something in your life that isn’t working for you, but for some reason you don’t want to change it?!

That’s what I did…for just over a year. What, you ask? Sleep on a bed…specifically, on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed (a single bunk bed, to be specific, with the supporting pole of the upper bunk at almost the end of the lower bed) where I constantly was smacking my leg into the wall or the supporting beam, as well as my arm on the wall, but worst of all…my HEAD on the top bunk because it’s staggered. I had hit my head so many freaking times that finally…I just got sick of it! ENOUGH!

And I moved myself on to the pullout bed that is under the bed I was sleeping on. Yes, it’s lower to the ground and takes up more space in the bedroom, but…at least now I can fully sit up and not have to worry about damaging my body. Of course, a few downsides…I have to get out of bed to turn off the lightswitch. Less space in the room, as I said before. BUT WORTH IT!

Why the H-E-double hockey stick did I wait so long?! Honestly, I think it’s because I didn’t give myself other options. I thought, it’s fine. Just stick it out. But also be complaining, frustrated and annoyed about it.

I hadn’t even considered the lower, LOWER bunk. The top bunk was out because it is a pain in the butt getting in and out of it, not to mention that there isn’t more space up there either.

The lesson being, How many times do we limit ourselves in situations thinking that we had very few options to solve the problems we were experiencing?!

Like, in relationships (we stay and put up with a partner whose values really don’t match our own at all). Or, in a job (we stay in the job because we’re scared we won’t have something better and are fearful of the unknown with that).

I hope that I can start seeing more options for myself instead of feeling stuck and unhappy in what I’m doing.

In the not-so-distant future, that would be for Finding a Job!!!! That’s my biggest challenge in the next while.

May we see the many, many options that exist in any situation and expand our own horizons! xo



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