You’ll eat whatever I make you…

Oh joyous day. Sometimes it is challenging to be in the position that I’m in. I am an employee…but, not in the same way that others are employees. In some ways, I have more privileges. For example…

So…there is a chef. He cooks certain types of meals, most of which are pretty good, if not repetitive. He knows that I do not eat meat (besides fish) and that I don’t eat cream or milk. It has been that same way for the last almost year and a half.

Today, for some reason when I went into the kitchen to ask about lunch, he asked if I’m having the pasta with cream sauce. I said, I wish, but no. That when I eat that, I feel sick. (which he knows). And every. single. lunch is a piece of fish…the same kind of fish, with different sauces. So, today I thought, I’ll just eat the pasta with some lettuce. But, then he said it takes too much to wash the lettuce. I said that I’d do it. He said, No. And, “You’ll eat whatever I make for you”.


You’d think that it’d be awesome to have food made for you. And, it is. But it’s also sucky because I have very little choice about what is made for me.

Breakfasts are some variation of egg, usually just scrambled eggs with vegetables (and by vegetables, I mean zucchini and chayote). Lunch is pasta (always a tomato sauce) or soup, then this same type of fish. And dinner is usually a cheese and turkey ham quesadilla. Every. Single. Day.

So. It gets boring. But, definitely #firstworldproblems.

I spoke with my boss for his opinion about it and how to address it with the chef and he gave me a suggestion. He also pointed out that it may be a reflection of the fact that I have more privilege in the apartment, even though I’m also an employee. My hours are shorter (aka I don’t work 16-17 hour days). I sleep in the part of the house that people are not locked out of (the staff has a room off the kitchen where they share a bunk bed and a pullout bed between 4-5 people. I have my own bedroom, albeit a children’s bedroom-single bunk bed). I eat in the main area where the family eats. I get paid more. And those are just to name a few.

So, when I am “picky”, he probably believes that I shouldn’t be. Ah, well.

The tricky position I’m in is also that I’m friends with…well, friendly with, the employees. And there’s one woman in particular that we chat together a lot. I don’t think she’d say anything, but I share things with her sometimes.

I want to trust people.

Today I spoke with my boss and there was a comment made about how people may complain about their employers, but if they’re good workers and loyal, then that’s more important. I said a comment like, Everybody complains about their employers to their co-workers.


Well, whatever. I know it’s better that we don’t, but you know what? Sometimes…we just do. He can’t control everything. And while it’s probably a better idea not to speak about bosses, even though we may feel frustrated, it does happen. Because the boss doesn’t want to hear about it. They don’t want to have us speak directly to them and say, When you did this…

So, sometimes we blow off steam speaking to each other. However, it’s probably smarter to not confirm that it happens to the boss. Yeesh.

I am definitely not perfect, that’s for sure. And the nice thing is, if that’s what is expected of me…aka if I make mistakes or do things that the boss doesn’t like, and I’m fired. I’ll be fine. 🙂

That’s another difference between me and the other employees. It seems like they really, really depend on these jobs. Why else would they be away from their families and only see them 2 days per month? These are people who are married, with children, sometimes really young children. Out of necessity to make money, they work in someone else’s house, 16 hours per day, every day.

I’m not married and have no children of my own. It’s still hard to be away from my family and friends, but at the end of the day, I’m single. I have a wonderful family who I know that I can count on, and if I do leave sooner, I’ll have them. I won’t be in the street. That’s very comforting and I’m so grateful for that.

I think that this experience has been character building (even if it’s driven me to drink and eat donuts). I want to work on having more compassion for others because, in my viewpoint, they have a pretty challenging life.

Keep on, keepin’ on! xo



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