5 Reasons Why…

So, I finished Season 3 of “Grace and Frankie”. I had some plans for yesterday evening and this evening, but instead…

I started watching the new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why”. I had heard some kerfuffle about it (some people were saying they wish they could unsee something of it or…something like that). I decided that I’d better watch it now before it’s spoiled online. At first I was worried, because most of my Netflix watching is at night, and I thought that the show would be too intense or freaky. I’m on Episode 5 now though and it’s fine so far. Maybe it’s going to be like Red Wedding and all of a sudden…POW.

It’s interesting because so far, nothing really *that* bad has happened. Yes, with social media nowadays, some of the crap that people are doing is horrible. And I can relate to people being friends one moment and then ditching the next moment.

I was just reflecting about the first 4 episodes…yes. It’s pretty shitty. But, I’d hope that if things like that were to really happen in real life, that the teenager could speak to someone.

Although, the story isn’t over yet, so I’m not sure what will happen. Right now, it’s hard to know who to believe. Do I believe Hannah? Is Clay as innocent as he seems? Who is actually telling the truth?

Just finished my aguacate with my sincronizada and it’s time to finish the rest of Episode 5! Might as well stop by the kitchen for a chocolate Krispy Kreme to keep this gluttony well-rounded! xo


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