I’ve got this feeling…

And I don’t know exactly what it is.

Do you ever experience that? Where you are feeling…something…and you’re not sure why. I feel kind of anxious right now. Many times I’ll scan through and try to think of what it could be…

Was it what I said to that person? Was it because I’m running behind on the meditation practice that I’m doing? Was it because I’m not taking care of myself well? Was it…?

Sometimes…like right now, I’m working on being with the feeling. Sitting in it…feeling it, and letting go of “figuring it out”.

Oftentimes I’ll have this feeling when there’s something I’ve been trying to work out, but then I am doing something else and get distracted, but it’s still unresolved. Then, usually when I focus on the feeling, it’ll come back up right away.

Right now…it’s unclear.

And then, when that feeling is already happening, if some other trigger comes up, the already present anxious-type feeling makes an interaction more stressful than it really is (like just now, my boss just got home and we had a very simple conversation about the kids and I noticed that I started worrying that I had said something silly or…maybe that I didn’t need to say anything at all or…).

Breathe. Let it go. I am okay. xo



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