“Where words fail, music speaks…”

Truth. This quote was attributed to various people online…of them was Hans Christian Andersen, so I’ll go with that.

Tonight I went to an open mic which was after the class that I take.

I love singing. I feel the most alive and passionate when I’m singing. Except, I’m scared of it, for some reason. And then I don’t practice or work to get better aside from singing in the shower. That’s a whole other story about how I have a hard time finding my passion, and then when I do, I don’t pursue it.

But, tonight…there was a guy there that plays the piano really well and he had a jam night at his place months and months ago. I went and it was so much fun!!! At one point, he played “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, and I ended up singing the loudest on that one. He really liked it, so tonight he said to do it again. We had not done it since that night and neither of us had practiced, but it was still fun. And that spark lit again…that love of music…I sang another song with another woman and it was so fun. Then, we started all riffing. The thing is, Once I start singing, I don’t want to stop. I want to keep singing!!!!

I use to have a Sunday night jam night that I’d go to on almost every Sunday. It was so great!!! I loved it! And it meant that I was practicing! And able to practice singing with live instruments and not just karaoke versions with my laptop. Very different! I got to practice singing into a microphone…it was all-around awesome! I miss it so much!!!!

That spark…it’s here and it’s lit and I feel it…I want to stoke this fire and start practicing all of the time. Get so great and be ready to rock something at the yearly musical performance that I go to. Even if we don’t go, it’s a great goal to have!

Nurture your passions…and practice. Practice practice PRACTICE!!! I find that I just want to be good at something without putting in that concentrated work like practicing scales, warming up my voice or working on technical aspects. But, imagine how amazing my voice could be if I worked on that too!!!

Work it! xo



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