When what you are looking forward to…

Isn’t as good as you built it up to be!

Today was my first day after 9 long days of working. I was excited to get a massage, go for my usual yummy açai bowl, get a chai, then later in the afternoon, nap and relax the rest of the evening.

Here’s how it actually turned out: I went to my massage. It ended up being the other lady, who I don’t enjoy as much. She didn’t put on any music, so you could hear the thumping from the gym one floor below. The towel on the face thing ground into my face and left marks. The massage itself was okay.

Fine, moving on to my delicious breakfast! The first time they charged me extra for a sprinkle of granola. The bowl itself costs like $12, which seems to be quite expensive for a little bowl like that, but it was delicious. Was. I didn’t really enjoy it today. It didn’t taste as good as it usually did. Maybe I overdid it and had it too many times.

Then, I went to the Bucks and got a chai latte and sat scrolling Facebook and Instagram until it was time to go over and pick up the babes.

Both at the Starbucks and at the healthy shmealthy açai bowl place, there were people smoking. Which, for me, is so gross. I hate second-hand smoke. ESPECIALLY while I’m eating. Even after I closed the door to the food place, the smoke wafted in. Gross.

Then was the afternoon routine with the kiddles. Both of them slept a bit right before we picked them up, which means they are less likely to sleep again an hour later. Younger Twin is having a particularly difficult time sleeping nowadays, often waking up in the night 3-4 times and wanting to get up and play or just crying and crying. Now, he will only be picked up by one of the nightime caretakers, which means that instead of getting up every 2nd night, she is getting up every night and getting about 4 hours sleep. I do not know how she does it.

After that, I ate a light lunch, jumped in my bed, deliciously anticipating a nap. Instead, for the first 15-20 mins of trying to fall asleep, I was greeted with the high pitch tonal voice of the Chinese woman who speaks with the kiddles in the afternoons, repeating the same thing over and over, then laughing her high-pitched laugh. <sigh> It sucks to have a bedroom door which is right next to where the kids have their upstairs play area. At various points, they were banging on my door. That loud, jarring sound is bad when you’re awake, but being jolted out of sleep is even worse. <double sigh>

Then I proceeded to spend 2 hours scanning through Facebook and Instagram on my phone until my eyes hurt.

Did I do anything related to my goals? No. Did I do the 20 mins Oprah/Deepak Chopra meditation that I’m behind on? No.

I did have an intention of relaxing today, but…it didn’t feel as satisfying as it usually does. Now I feel tired still, but a bit hazy too. Eating a fairly light dinner, then going to zone out watching “Grace and Frankie”, while trying not to get too annoyed by Frankie…I really find her with few redeeming qualities and more about being quite grating.

100% another FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS post. Isn’t it interesting though when you are really looking forward to a day, but then it turns out…mediocre? Hm.

Tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to get some groceries, I think. They always seem to be running out of what I like to eat. Food is included in this whole work here, but the chef tends to make food that the grandparents and dad like, and runs out of what I eat (cheese, avocado, vegetables).

Ugh…I hear the Younger Twin still whining, an hour and a half after he is usually asleep. They will be 16 months in a few days…is that how it is? Turning into a crappy sleeper? Another thing that I’m concerned about is how clingy he is to his dad (who is around a bit, but not as much as Younger Twin would like) and when he’s around, Younger Twin will scream if anybody tries to change his diaper, feed him etc. He becomes quite cranky. It’s weird. When the Dad isn’t around, YT is generally fine (except right now in this phase of not wanting to sleep and constantly waking up crying). I feel bad for the women who you could call the nannies…they deal with a lot of crap, from these delicious, darling, very spoiled kiddles. #saints

There are no donuts left, as of yesterday. I think I may…hm. Last night I had a slice of the chocolate truffle cake…too rich. Too much. Tonight, I am still a bit hungry, but don’t know what I can eat, really. Nutella toast? Hm. That might be delicious. Onwards and upwards. Tomorrow is a new day! xo



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