Why the hesitation and procrastination…

I’m sitting here, on my bed, after finishing Day 9 and 90 hours of work (in the last 9 days, I mean), and I can’t seem to get myself up to go and shower.

I am checking Facebook, I’m on Pinterest, I ate a piece of very rich chocolate truffle cake, I checked both emails…and for some reason, I can’t seem to motivate myself to shower. It’s 10:30pm at night. Time to get my butt in gear! And I know that I’ll feel better once I have a shower…moisturize…put on clean pajamas…sort my laundry to wash tomorrow (well, maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow, since I won’t get to it until the afternoon)…After I finished today (at 8pm), I thought, “Just 20 mins…I’m so exhausted…20 mins nap” but then I remembered that I’m doing this meditation thing and that’s how long the meditation is…why not do that, right?! So, I partially napped and partially meditated and then ate dinner.

I even decided to come and blog first!!!

This is a very common pattern in my life!!! It’s like, I have this adverse feeling toward something and I’m avoiding it and putting it off, but really once I do it, I feel so great that I did it. Why can’t I decide to do something and then DO it?!

I’m pretty awake now from the freakin’ chocolate cake…I probably wouldn’t go to sleep until like 12am anyway!! (I plan on sleeping and resting all afternoon/evening/night tomorrow-after 4pm anyway). Why not go and shower and feel rejuvenated for bed?

I’m going to go and do it. Do you ever have those things, even if they’re little things, that you put off doing, but you know that if you were to do them first, you’d feel pretty awesome?!

Go DO it!!! Believe me! It’s great!!! xo



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