When all you want is pizza and some sugar…

It’s Day 7 of 9. I have 2 more days to go and I am READY for a break. This week will be a 66 (or longer, depending on the next few days) hour week. I am exhausted. And I really wanted to go and try…

See. I’m so tired that I couldn’t even finish my sentence.

I just had a moment of thinking…my boss is sick right now and has been in his bedroom all day long. Of course, when he’s sick, he can call to the kitchen and they’ll bring him whatever he wants.

When I’m sick, I am holed up in my room. Occasionally, maybe someone will bring me something to eat, if I ask, but generally, I have to go downstairs to eat. I’m not suppose to eat in my room. Yet another thing, I was thinking, that my boss doesn’t realize…when I’m sick, it’s not a great place for it. Like, it’s another reason why I wouldn’t WANT to be sick. If I were in my own apartment alone, at least I could go and eat at whatever time I want and I can get whatever food I want.

Not here. <sigh>

Anyway, I’m tired. And the hardest part is still to come. Granted…I work every single day, all the time, but usually my M-F hours are a lot less.

Since last Saturday and Sunday, until tomorrow and Sunday, it’ll be 9 straight days in a row and 90 hours of work.

Now, I know, I know…some people are use to working 8-12 hour days. Not me. And with children. It’s absolutely exhausting.

The next two days will be 12 hour days. And with nothing to look forward to…haha. The way I run my life…I usually have some sort of treat to look forward to eating.

Just solved that! UberEATS, yo!!! Krispy Kreme deliversssss! And it’s super expensiveeeeeee. But, then I’ll have some treats for the next few days.

I looked into ordering pizza, but the places around here have crappy options for vegetarian pizza. Ah, well.

Going to go down and eat and hope that Krispy Kreme makes it here. Normally my boss orders this same box of donuts, but he hasn’t lately. So, I will. Sadly, my bottle of Baileys was finished last week. That would’ve been yum tonight!!!

#firstworldproblems. xo



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