Your word…

Have you ever thought about that? Many people will say, I give you my word.

What does that mean? And how about if you don’t have previous experience of this person to know that phrase actually means something?!

For myself, I am realizing that my word to myself is almost meaningless. I am very inconsistent when I say to myself that I’ll do something and then actually do it. Often times, like tonight, I’ll feel tired or don’t want to rush my dinner and then the other person I have a plan with will say, Let’s reschedule then, because they are also a bit flaky.

When it comes to eating healthy, exercising <pause while I scoop some Nutella into my mouth>, doing things that will be good for me…many times, when it comes down to it, I don’t do it. I let myself off the hook and justify it to myself. It sucks. Because I feel like I can’t trust myself.

I think about how amazing it would be to say I’m going to do something. And then I do it. No matter what. I get it done. That kind of discipline is something that I’m lacking and would love to build.

I’m super tired. These days have been long. Kids are exhausting, ya? xo


P.S. Did you know that the middle of Ferrero Rocher sweets is Nutella? They’re both owned by the same company! xo


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