Here we gooooo…

So, tomorrow is Day 1 of 9 consecutive days of 12 hours per day with the littles. Usually I don’t work more than three 12 hour days in a row, so we shall see how it goes and if my sanity withstands it. Hahaha.

It’s not like what I’m doing is that hard per se. There are a few things…

I eat when they sleep, so even though I wake up at 7:30amish, I usually don’t eat until 10/10:30am. I wait until they’re asleep for their nap. Sometimes…one of the babies doesn’t have a morning nap. Sometimes it’s both of them. To combat that, I’ve bought some snacks that I can eat before 8am, or some delicious cacao cashew milk that I can sip until I can have breakfast.

Another thing is, I have to constantly be talking, and that’s tough. Because the whole point is that they constantly be hearing English. My complaint is that the nannies do not speak English, so I often whisper or just speak to them in Spanish so the point gets across. Also, one of the nannies often is with one of the babies while I’m with the other, speaking in Spanish. Plus, when I’m with the littles, that’s when the dad, the grandpa and the grandma all come too.

The frustrating part is that the dad “says” that he wants English to be their second language, but the way he’s set it up is that it will not be. Even though I’ve been around them more or less for their whole lives (15.5 months), it’s usually been with a whole bunch of people speaking Spanish. Yes, it is 39 hours per week, but in that time, it’s also while they have naps, and while they’re eating. Like I said, others constantly speaking Spanish at the same time.

Whereas, the other languages that they are around (Mandarin, Russian and Arabic) are immersion mostly. Mandarin is here at home, and yes there are people speaking Spanish sometimes and English (me) a bit, it’s mostly immersed. Plus, both boys generally really like the Mandarin teacher. And, one thing I’ve learned, Mandarin words have quite easy sounds…for basics. Aka, Thank you sounds like “sheh sheh” and when we say it, the pronunciation isn’t great, but it’s understood. The Mandarin teacher says that the littles speak a lot of Mandarin, but I think any kind of sound they make “ba ba”, she says it’s a Mandarin word. Another example is, one of the littles says “Wah wah” for dog (and for water sometimes too), and she insists he says it because he wants to hear the song she sings that has a “wah wah” part in it. Mayyyyybe. But, I think he’s talking about a dog more. Anyway, I’m probably jealous too that they’re actually learning Mandarin words and almost zero English words. One of them says (actually both of them now), “Hi”. That’s my crowning glory. “Hi”. And sometimes, “Bye”.



And I feel pressure. Like, it’s my fault that they’re not speaking more English. I am trying my best, but maybe I should do what the Mandarin teacher does and repeat the same word over and over and over. Meh.

So, we’ll see how it goes. It’s a lot of days in a row and I hope not to go loca. I think going to bed before 1am would be a good start. Maybe tomorrow? Nope. It’s a friend’s birthday and I’m finally going to do something social. Sunday is going to be a tired day. But, I’ll go to bed early on Sunday night. 9pm? Good idea.

Wish me luck!!! xo



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