Literally, WTF is going on in the world…

Now, to be fair, I know that many things happen in the world and we here in the West, do not hear about them. The media doesn’t cover it and also if they do, it’s usually a small item that is often quickly passed over. Many people say, Well that doesn’t affect me. It’s happening over THERE.

But wow. I saw some video from the chemical attack on the small town in Syria. It’s horrible. The picture of the man with his twin babies who died and apparently he lost 25 members of his family in that attack. It’s truly horrible.

There was also an article questioning what went on there, like why did the emergency crew helpers not have masks on and why weren’t they protected better? I did see some video of them rinsing off some of the people who were affected and they were using their hands to rinse it off. If it’s a chemical thing, wouldn’t it then also affect them?

Then I became a bit cynical like, Is this a Wag the Dog thing? Is this a manufactured event to distract us? Because the thing is this, Who can we trust? We are not there on the ground. We don’t actually know what happened.

I find it so tough nowadays to know what’s true. Thing are made up all of the time in the media.

I have friends that are a part of a project called the Knife of Aristotle and their whole goal is to look at the news with an unbiased perspective (or as unbiased as a human being can be). I think it’s so important. Everything has a slant.

Even our history books! I remember hearing about how in some schools in the U.S., students are taught that the U.S. won the Vietnam war.

Um, what?

It’s crazy to think about.

Back to Truman Show styles…are we living a lie? Is it all constructed by the governments of the world and we are little peons?


On a different note, one thing that I learned today…or was more talked about again today was…in our own individual lives, how do we help ourselves create what we want in our lives? One step of it is to visualize in the mornings, when we first wake up, go through our day. Really try on what each part of the day would be like. It makes it more real and accessible in a way. I’m going to try it tomorrow morning.

Time to sleep. Just ate some avocado toast and two churros. So bloated and full. Goooood night! xo



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