I’m not in Kansas anymore…

It’s so interesting living in a different country. Things that I am use to at home…perhaps even take for granted, here…either can’t find them, or as I discovered, it costs way more.

For example, brands like Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale and Gap, among others, are quite a bit more expensive here, because they’re imported!!! So, while back home, these brands would be considered on the cheaper side, here they’re actually quite expensive!!! I thought that was so interesting, but it makes sense.

Also, in the household I live in, they never use butter. Always margarine. They buy their fish from Walmart. Organic? What’s that?

I’ve had to learn to be laid-back here…nobody recycles. Everything is thrown in the garbage. Everything. Things like composting are unheard of.

There are certain beliefs…one of the babies had pink eye (conjunctivitis) in one of his eyes and a few of the people, both young and old, said that it was probably from the wind.

Um, what? No. An infection like pink eye is not caused by the Wind. And, another thing, a warm wind is not a bad thing. So many people believe that if they feel even a bit of wind, then they’ll get sick. I’m sorry, but when it’s 27 degrees celsius outside, a slight wind is not going to get you sick. In my opinion.

Sometimes it’s tricky living and interacting with people who have such different beliefs about certain things…often things that are more superstitious than scientific.

Another few examples…when they eye infection was discovered, they did some sort of process where they put egg on his face. What? Or another thing is putting a pork fat pomade on the stomach to help with digestion. Hm. I mean, maybe it works, but it seems like it’s not connected.

But, it’s good. It’s good for me to learn these different ways of doing things and the beliefs behind them. Very interesting.

And now, since my post yesterday, I’m inspired to watch “The Truman Show”! xo



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