‘Cause these words are my diaries, screamin’ out loud…

Anna Nalick. Those are the best lines from her wonderful song, “Breathe (2am).

Right now it’s 12:52am, but still…late.

I love that line from the song because, it feels so vulnerable. It’s like, this wonderful musician is writing this song, bearing her soul and then we listen to it and connect to that.

I think that’s why music can be so amazing. There are singer-songwriters that bare their souls and we connect to that!

Speaking of baring our souls….if you read my last post about a friend inviting me to this project, but one of the things is taking a naked picture…

I mean, I thought about it…what’s so wrong about a naked picture? It’s my naked body. As it is. My mamma reads this and I know she thinks, No!!!! But, it’s an interesting thing. Like…we are born with these bodies and yes, they shift and change throughout our lives, but what’s so wrong with them? Small, big, fat, skinny, stretch marks, calluses, warts, hair, zits, ingrown hairs…etc. It’s our bodies. It’s how they are. And yes, in society, there are certain body types that are considered the ideal. But, so what? So what if my body doesn’t conform to that?! So what if it’s different?

Why am I so scared for others to see my naked body? Post it on the internet. So what? It feels scary. It feels vulnerable. It feels like…I do not have a model body. I’m not Kylie Jenner showing off ALL parts of me for the whole world to see. But, it doesn’t mean I need to feel ashamed about it. I may not want to show it, but it’s just flesh.

How freeing would it be to not worry about it? There was a picture of Jenna Dewan recently that popped up on my FB feed or some article or something and she had on a shirt where you could see her nipples through it and I remember thinking, Oh my God!!!! But…why? What’s the big deal? What’s so wrong with it?

Nothing. That is the answer. Nothing. It’s a body. A wonderful body. How amazing would it be if we all embraced our bodies and proudly said, This is my body! You want to see it?! I’ll show you! Isn’t it amazing?

That’s my goal. To feel so comfortable in my own skin, clothed or not. xo



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