Hello Baileys my old friend…

Mmmmm…why does Baileys taste so delicious? I’m drinking it on ice and I have a nice, warm feeling. Mmmm…

I think it must link into the feel-good receptors in our bodies. And, of course, it also dulls things in a way too…perhaps muted is a better word.

I very rarely drink. There is something deliciously delightful about Baileys though. Perhaps a bit too sweet as well, but you know…can’t be perfect.

As I sit here, thinking about what to write for this blog…the combo of feeling tired…and the Baileys…mmm.

Anyway, tomorrow Daylight Savings Time starts for us, so hopefully it doesn’t mess up the babies and their schedule too much. I will lose an hour of sleep, so that’ll be tiring. But, then I’ll have a nice sleep tomorrow night. And maybe a nap on Monday? Hmmm…

I just watched two videos of comedians…Louis C.K. on Jimmy Fallon and James Corden on his show. Man…Louis C.K. is so freaking funny. I would love love love to see him live. Just every time I see some sort of thing from him…he has the best observations of life. My favourite? “The Saddest Handjob”. hahaha. Oh man. He is so funny.

James Corden…I like his “Carpool Karaoke”. I haven’t really watched his show at all. I don’t have cable and don’t watch clips online really.

And Jimmy Fallon has awesome things too. Lip Sync Competitions and, of course, the History of Rap with Justin Timberlake (SO GOOD).

And, on that note, I’m going to get ready for bed…since technically, it’s already 11:42pm.

:-O Buenas noches! xo



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