Something so mysterious and scary…

So. Tonight I had an interesting interaction. I had a friend…someone that I don’t know that well, but have been involved in similar things as her for about 8 years, asked me to Skype with her.

We were chatting about a few things while Skyping but then she told me the reason that she contacted me….

She’s a part of a project of sorts that she feels is different than anything that she’s ever done. She thought of me for it. But…she can’t tell me about it. If I want to hear about it, then I have to offer something very private and vulnerable for collateral. Something like naked pictures of myself.

Now, I am in a place in my life right now where I feel like…what do I have to lose? It sounds very weird…like…what kind of a thing needs you to send naked pictures of yourself in order to even *hear* about it?!

It’s also that curiosity…like, WHAT IS IT? What could it possibly be? Is it a trap? That’s the thing that is popping into my head the most…is it a trap? If I were to send pictures or tell something really private about myself, what if I they post it on Facebook or do something with it? Because, the thing is, why would they need something like that? What kind of a project is it that would need that?

Apparently it doesn’t cost anything, but there’s got to be some sort of catch…like an enrolment catch or something…

I am enticed because what I’m doing right now is really not helping myself in life. But would it be shooting myself in the foot? If it were my best friend saying it to me, then I’d say, For sure!! But, because it’s somebody that I don’t really know that well…I’m hesitant.

We’ll see what she says. She said she needed to ask somebody about something first. And I think I have a few more questions…like,

Why would there be a thing that needs people to put themselves in a really vulnerable position in order to even hear about it?! That’s my #1 question.

We shall see. xo



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