Bloaty McBloaterson bringin’ sexy back…

Antibiotics, man. And bad eating. Like, lots of bread, tortillas, cooked food, donuts. I should really just be eating vegetables and maybe a bit of fruit. If I want to help myself.

Right now my eyeballs are aching.

But, anyway, I still managed to go bowling with a few people. 10 pin bowling though. I way prefer 5 pin. Brings me back to my youth and being in a kids bowling club for a bit. My mom was on a bowling team even (whoo hoo Mamma!)

It’s good to be social and hang out with other people. Normally I love it, but my body is feeling very uncomfortable right now and because my eyes and head ache, that wasn’t as pleasant. I even tried to dull it a bit with a whiskey ginger drink, but that didn’t help.

So, now it’s going to be 3 loooooong days in a row with the littles. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we’ll get to go out to a park or something. Do something different. That’s probably the hardest part of this…that many times we are stuck doing the exact same routine over and over and over. That and the whining to get what they want…not just whining, like full on tantrums. That are often indulged, unfortunately.

Sometimes it’s hard being social because people ask, What’s new? What have you been up to? And when I literally have nothing interesting to say about that…it kind of halts the conversation a bit, you know? Like, “Oh, I’ve been failing at everything in my life and I really have nothing that I’m doing besides going on Facebook, Instagram and napping, whilst eating junk food”. Oh, what goals.

Anyway, I’m going to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be an awesome, fun day and we’ll do something interesting! xo



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