Oops, I did it again…

Why is shopping so…satisfying sometimes?! There have been points in my life where I go shopping and I can’t seem to find anything that looks good on me. But, nowadays, it seems that I find great things every time I go! I went for a white t-shirt today, and ended up finding some other nice shirts too.

And I also ate some gelato too. A double scoop. Coffee toffee & avellana (hazelnut/chocolate). Nom nom nom! So good. Lately my stomach has been okay with the ice cream too, so…we’ll see. Although, in general, my stomach has been having challenges, so…hm.

The bad part is that I’m spending money that I don’t have. So…that’s the downside.

The thing is, I found out today that we are going somewhere really, really warm in a week and a half. Most people would be like, WHOO HOO! Amazing!!! The thing is, I think that my life sounds pretty awesome, from an outside perspective, but in actual practice…

I’ll be at a house, not really able to leave, most likely working day and night. And it’s going to be SCORCHING hot. And, to top it off…I’m going to have my freaking PERIOD the ENTIRE TIME WE ARE THERE. Fml. I know, I know…first world problems. But, seriously!!!!

Part of why I went shopping today was to find some light clothing to wear. I failed and sent most of my summerware to the place I thought we are going to for the summer months, but it’s seeming like we are not going to go now. So…I have a suitcase of all my lovely spring/summer stuff…there. If I added up all of the money that I’ve spent on shipping my suitcases back and forth…!!! Yay for living from suitcases.

But, anyway…part of me was thinking…what if, next week, I choose to: not eat any sweets, do *something* exercisey every day (even if that just means a walk), do the stuff that I’ve said I’ll do (the monthly dues that I pay…might as well actually do the classes/exercises that I’m paying for…it’s freaking expensive!!) And then see how that feels! Just do one week and then I can go back to my sleeping/lazy ways if I want to. I think it’d be great to see how it feels to do that! Hmmm…

Well, it’s 12:26am! (late and also, good numbers!) Buonanotte! xo



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