You brush your teeth…ch ch ch ch ch ch…

Or not. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the lab to get myself checked out. See if these throat lesions have healed. And part of that is that I’m not allowed to brush my teeth, drink water, eat etc…nothing! Ewwww. I always brush my teeth in the morning! But, them’s the rules!

I generally feel muchhhh better! I still have some phlegm etc, but overall…wayyyy better. In terms of my sinuses, that is. Of course, my poor pregnant-looking gut is suffering still.

Speaking of guts…I swear that high-waisted jeans are made for women who have small waists and their “problem area” is definitely not their guts!!!

It’s funny how it happens when new trends come out…or to be more precise, when old trends come back! When I saw high-waisted, I was like. No.


Absolutely not.

I was very much attached and happy with my low-rise, skinny jeans. (When skinny jeans came back, I was like Ew. NO. Ya, that didn’t last long). I’m still pretty into the skinny jean leg, buuuuuut, I now own some higher waisted jeans too! :-O I think it’s because I became a bit obsessed with Levi’s recently and so, the 501s that they have are high-waisted. I remember when I last wore high-waisted…I think it was…Grade 7? I had two pairs of Levis 501s (the first time I’d ever owned “designer” jeans!!) I was stoked. They were light blue ones and white ones. Then they got passed on to my younger cousin and from there, who knows.

Also, thinking about guts…and eating…there are these acai bowls that are made at this place close-ish to me. I’m a bit obsessed with them. Well, the one kind that I’ve tried. It’s basically acai mixed with almond butter and milk, topped with bananas, blueberries, a bit of granola, cacao nibs and it’s so delicious. I feel like I could probably make it at home, but…then to get all of the ingredients together and to make it myself in the kitchen…I don’t know. Today I made my breakfast, because the chef isn’t here on Sundays. I do indeed enjoy how I make things, just as I like them.

People think that having a chef would be amazing! And I think it would be amazing too…if I got to choose what I ate! If I got to choose what the chef makes, then I’d be eating vegan. For sure. That is, if it were a good vegan chef. That’d be amazing!!!! I’d miss cheese, of course (and ice cream!), but I’d way rather be eating healthy vegan! (aka not just bread).

Anyway, tomorrow morning I’m up just after 6am to get to the lab by 7am to get back by 8am. So…time to sleeeep! Buenas noches! xo



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