Des-Pa-Ci-To…and other catchy songs…

My friend wrote this as their FB status and now this song is stuck in my head. It’s quite good though…Luis Fonsi rocking it!

So, I went into the kitchen tonight and said, I want to have a lighter dinner tonight. So, I ate some veggie soup with a few pieces of this parmesan bread that I had left. BUT THEN…I noticed in the fridge this cake…which apparently had BAILEY’s in it and so…I ate two pieces of that…with Nutella and cinnamon.

I love you pancreas.

But seriously…sometimes I scare myself because I have such a sweet tooth and they say that cancer cells feed off of sugar. Which is scary to think about. But then I keep eating sweets anyway. It’s like…a cycle. Then I thought, either make a choice and don’t eat the junk, or if I do eat it, then enjoy it!!!!

My grandma just sent me a text about how she got low blood sugar and had to run and get herself some juice and rest. Ugh. I do not want that in my life. Diabetes is so brutal. And she’s on the giving herself shots every meal. AhHHHHHH.

I think that I have an understanding of what it’s like for addicts. Because I feel like an addict. I feel like…I may not be able to stop. Like, I’d like to think so, but…I don’t know. I have done it before, but now…it’s hard. I tell myself to be healthier, but then after I eat my meal, those Krispy Kreme donuts are there…<sigh>

And it’s funny because I totally feel buzzed. After those 2 pieces of cake. I’m hopped up. Uffff…

Imma go and…what will I do? Get myself as ready as I can for tomorrow and maybe…start watching a movie? I don’t want to start another TV series, but every time I want to find a movie to watch, nothing seems to appeal to me. Hm.

#firstworldproblems…I know. 😛

Buenas noches a todos! xo



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