Surefire way to numb your brain…

Here’s the recipe…

First, you make sure that you don’t move your body too much. In fact, it’s good to choose sedentary activities, like eating and watching TV shows.

For example, it’s best to choose foods like ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and donuts to make sure your body is working hard to process all of the refined sugar…or just over-amount of sugar in general. Then, choose a series on Netflix and binge watch it, about 4 episodes at a time, until you’re so involved in the characters’ lives in the show that you don’t think about your own life and the pathetic choices that you’re making.

Make sure that you don’t intersperse with things like: reading, or exercising, or eating vegetables. Definitely don’t actually speak with other people.

Facebook and Instagram are okay. Even Pinterest. Also, another option is to think of some material thing that you like and then search it on the internet. Perhaps go to a website and then look at all of the material things on there that you like and imagine buying them. Or, even go and buy them and rack up your credit card.

These are all great ways to numb yourself and not feel. 😛

But seriously…it’s what I’m doing and I do feel numb because of it, but I think it’s because I’m not sure what to do with myself. Like, I have some computer work that I could be doing but that’s also mind-numbing. Things like thinking about what I want to accomplish in the world for myself seem overwhelming, so it’s best to let the weeks fly by and then on the weekends, when it’s long days, then just zone out after.

What is my life?

I was thinking about how it is…who are these people that are so disciplined and love their lives?! I know quite a few of them and I envy them. I have heard that many of these people start this type of discipline in childhood. The muscle is strengthened at a young age. That’s such a great idea! Because seriously…right now…it’s so bad.

And, there isn’t any avocado. <sigh>

Outside world is not how I want it to be.

Off to eat the saaaame thing I eat every night. xo



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