I feeeeel drunkkkk…

I ate a piece of cheese pizza, preceded by a glazed Krispy Kreme donut and followed by another glazed Krispy Kreme donut. Before that, for about 2 hours, I nursed a venti hot chocolate and ate 2 cheese balls from Starbucks.

I got home and I seriously felt…DRUNK. Like, OUT OF IT. The last few days, my throat has felt swollen…like closed in a bit.

I feel all of these symptoms and yet, I CAN’T SEEM TO STOP. I can’t seem to stop eating sweets. I have really strong cravings right now. I have these good intentions to not eat the junk, and then…I show up somewhere and there’s freaking MORE donuts. Ugh. Then someone offers me pizza. Double ugh. And…I bought 6 chocolate chip cookies earlier too (which I will slowly eat over the next while). Plus, I still have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream left over in the freezer (I’ll finish that tomorrow night).

I admire those people…the people who wake up early in the morning, workout, meditate, eat healthy all day, only drinking water…go to bed at a decent time. Read books and do things that enrich their life and others lives. Me? Not so much.

Today I wondered…have I become anti-social? I had someone ask to hang out tomorrow night and I found myself making excuses (which, honestly, are fair enough…going anywhere after like 3pm on a Friday night is just asking to be sitting in minimum 1 hour of traffic. Ugh). My social life is virtually non-existent. I seem to want to lie around watching 0ver-dramatic Netflix shows and staying up late.

How do those people do it? The ones that run marathons, have amazing relationships with kids, are creative and scientific and…I feel like…Wow. Those people are amazing! I feel like…I’d love to be that kind of person, but I can’t seem to consistently get myself going.

But, it’s not off the table. How cool would that be? Imagine…you’ve been reading this blog about this person who is constantly failing failing failing, and then somehow, they turn themselves around and become successful in their own life.

I’d like that. Let me see how to get that going! xo



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