Those ain’t Napolitanke…

I went to the grocery store near me yesterday and was wandering down the cookie/cracker aisle, when I came across some Napolitaner. It said, Made in Italy. They look just like these delicious biscuits that my grandparents buy that are actually from Croatia. So, I bought them, expecting a little taste of family.

Boy, were they NOT the same. Or maybe they’ve been on that shelf for too long…I’m not sure. I just had a bite of one. Ugh.

Do you ever have that? You are excitedly anticipating something and you go and take a bite out of it, and it’s really not what you expected? Sometimes this happens to me in the typical way (where I end up disappointed), but sometimes it happens in an awesome way too!

Where my expectations and perception of reality were so different from how it actually was.

I’ll never forget this one time…I was taking a course about 6 years ago. There was a girl in the course with me: slim, short, dark hair, big, bright blue eyes, braces and spoke quite energetically/excitedly. Her name is Dawn. I found that, at first impression, I had a hard time relating to her. I felt like what do this young girl and I have in common?

But, throughout the course of the class, I tried connecting with her and pushing past my initial impression. We were sitting in the kitchen area one lunch time and she was talking about the different jobs that she had had. At one point I said, Wait…when did you start working?! When you were like 10?!!!!

Nope. Turns out not only had she been working for quite a while, she was OLDER THAN ME. I couldn’t believe it. In that moment, I was totally gobsmacked. So surprised. I had this whole impression of her being younger than me and my judgement of what came along with that, when really…she was older than me!!!!! That experience taught me so much about how I perceive reality in a certain way and then believe that’s actually what reality is like!

So, the lesson I’m still learning is…I have this idea and expectation of how the World is. Sometimes my expectation and reality match (yay worlds aligned!) and sometimes they don’t. Either way, the World is how it is. How am I going to choose to navigate it?

My ideal way is with curiosity, perseverance and confidence. Keep on keepin’ on. xo



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